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Who we are


Leading consultants and facilitators in strategic management and leadership


Owen Morris Strategic are specialist consultant-facilitators in the field of strategic direction, leadership and change.  We assist boards, CEOs, business owners and senior management teams to develop and implement confident paths for their organisation's future development and success.


In particular, we assist organisations looking for a fresh, strategic 'boost' or a step-change in what they do or how they operate.  We bring that vital, fresh, external perspective to add to leaders' own views and experience.  We also bring extra skill, resource and support to assist leaders and managers along the strategic management process.


Our services include strategic business reviews, market research/business analysis, stakeholder consultation, Board facilitation, strategic/creative thinking, strategic/organisational planning, product/market development, Board governance reviews, contract/interim director, and executive/ team coaching.


The practice, based today in south Worcestershire, was set up seven years ago by senior partner/CEO, Mike Owen, and operations partner, Anthony Morris, who both have over 20 years' management experience across a wide variety of business, public and not-for-profit sectors.  The team also includes a close network of associate specialist partners, covering a range of management disciplines, ranging from finance to HR.


We serve a variety of sectors, across both commercial and non-commercial sectors.  Our commercial clients are mostly medium-sized family or owner-led companies or professional service firms.  Not-for-profit organisations we work with include professional membership bodies, trade associations, charities, social enterprises, NGOs and public bodies.


We have particularly strong experience and expertise in the 'membership and association' sector, including both UK and international bodies.  This expertise is grounded, notably, in the 15 years' experience Mike has working in the sector, including a range of CEO, operational director, Board non-exec/trustee, and consulting roles.


A passion for strategy!  


Strategy is our driving passion and interest.  But we actually stress the wider concept of 'active strategic management' or, what we sometimes call 'rolling strategy' - which we define as the process of ensuring an organisation moves forward in a defined direction (purpose, vision, goals and strategy) but, equally, stays in tune with and responds to ongoing changes in its environment.  Rather than produce long strategy documents that gather dust on the shelf, we normally advise producing annually-updated 'strategic frameworks' that give direction and focus for a few years ahead but are flexible enough to make room for an organisation to adapt to ongoing opportunities and issues as they happen.


Complementing our focus on strategy is our skill and experience in consultation and facilitation.  We help leaders to understand and explore the views and needs of their different stakeholders through techniques ranging from survey research and field interviews to focus-groups and round-tables.  To help executives with strategy-making and management decision-making, we run various forms of facilitated meetings, ranging from Board retreats and senior-team awaydays to management workshops.


Altgether, at Owen Morris, we like to offer our clients the powerful combination of two things:  a fresh strategic perspective and independent thinking, on the one hand, together with professional know-how and support.


Strategic leadership is not a simple process, but we hope we make it a bit easier!    


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