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Freelance strategic and marketing director service


If you could use some regular, senior-level marketing or business development support but you don’t want to recruit a full-time executive, Owen Morris has the ideal solution.  

Our freelance marketing director service, ‘My-MarketingDirector’.


Marketing director with 25 years’ experience


Mike Owen, MBA, our senior partner, with 25 years’ marketing, communications and business development experience, including nearly 10 years in consultancy, across dozens of different sectors and types of company, is our lead freelance marketing director and is available on a flexible basis to provide focused expertise, resource and support whenever and however you need it – from a few days a month or periodically on specific projects.   Additional Owen Morris consultants can provide similar support.


Ways you could use our freelance marketing director service


One of these scenarios typically applies:


Marketing assistant needs Marketing Director – You have employed an executive but they are still inexperienced or perhaps their job includes several other duties than just marketing.  They are good at the day-to-day tactical marketing activities but they lack ideas or planning skills and need someone experienced to guide and develop them as well as handle some of the bigger or strategic jobs e.g. brief agencies and supervise projects.


Marketing Manager needs Marketing Director – You have a good marketing manager but you wish they had more strategic experience.  Someone to see the big picture more and help give sharper direction to the management team.


Management team/Board needs a Marketing Director – Your organisation has a marketing unit but your leadership team itself lacks an experienced strategic marketing person or an independent  marketing perspective from someone from outside the organisation.  You could use a freelance marketing director to act like an extended member of your top-team, contributing to the overall development of the organisation.


Major project needs a Marketing Director –  There’s a major business development or marketing project or initiative that needs to be implemented  but there is simply nobody suitable in your company with either the experience or time available. Examples could be:  investigate a new market, manage a product launch, develop a better customer retention strategy, develop a new website.


Engaging an accomplished marketing director from Owen Morris gives you lots of advantages :  lower costs (no salary, holiday pay, NI and pensions), access to expertise quickly, flexibility (you only  pay for the actual time you need), an external and objective perspective, and a focus on getting things done and delivering results.


My-MarketingDirector is the modern, sensible way to access a marketing director!  Call us today on 01886 881092.