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Research & Marketing 


Expert marketing and business development support


Effective marketing is vital to every business and not-for-profit organisation for achieving its goals.   It should start with doing a fair amount of thinking and planning – certainly ahead of worrying about what communication tools to use.  Owen Morris can provide expert support in the whole process:


Market and customer information


We can help you find out all you need about your target market and customers, with a whole host of research and consultative techniques available – ranging from published market reports through to carrying out a dedicated survey or consultation exercise.  Often it is best to use a range of wider engagement methods too, for example, an online discussion forum.


Product & branding strategy


This is the core of true marketing – framing what your actual product/service offer to customers is going to be and how you will ‘package’ and present this.  This includes defining what range and specification of features and benefits will apply, together with a particular pricing policy.  Defining some distinctive brand messages and a distinctive identity are important too.


Marketing communications


We can help you define and target your internal and external audiences, craft the right messages to convey to each audience, review and select the most suitable communications media and tools to use, develop integrated communication programmes/campaigns, brief creative and other specialist suppliers, project manage the overall delivery of programmes, and measure and evaluate these programmes.


Customer satisfaction feedback & retention


Ensuring customer satisfaction is important, so it’s worth tracking.   Our service ranges from dong a one-off survey to helping you operate an ongoing measurement and reporting system.  We can also provide wider pointers on how to make your organisation truly customer-focused – including factors like operational processes and staff behaviour.  Furthermore, we can help you design and manage effective customer care, retention, cross-selling, and upgrade programmes.


Product & business development


If you are looking to grow revenue, we can assist you in developing suitable strategies for raising demand from current markets, widening your present line of services, or attracting new types of customer.  If you are planning to diversify into new markets, we can help appraise the options and develop suitable tactics to minimise the risks.  Where you work with other organisations as partners or associates, or are looking to enter into join-ventures or mergers, we can provide detailed professional advice and support.