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Improvement and change


Performance improvement and change management
The modern world is fast-moving, competitive and challenging.   External and internal change is happening all the time.   Being open to change and responding effectively are key skills needed by all leaders today.  Owen Morris can provide professional support in four ways.
An open, learning and innovative organisation
The key to dealing well with change is making sure your organisation keeps closely in touch with the world around it, its people value continuous learning and improving, and its processes and policies are flexible and adaptable.  We can assist you in making sure you have the effective information, leadership and management policies in place.
Revenue & operating performance improvement
It is frequently the case that directors or managers realize that their organisation is not generating the revenue or margins it could be or that operational productivity is poor.    Pricing, marketing, leadership, funding, asset utilisation, and work methods are usually key areas to look at, but a performance shortfall  can be down to any number of causes. Sometimes it needs an external, professional ‘eye’ to be able to see the ‘wood for the trees’ and identify the right opportunities for improving performance.
Strategy reviews & turnarounds
When performance is very seriously down and it looks as if this is the trend, a fundamental ‘strategic review’ is needed to achieve a turnaround. This requires an overall appraisal of an organisation’s internal and external situation and a radical refreshment of its business and operating strategies and programmes.  
Change management
Whether you need radical or more incremental or localised change, we can equip you with the expertise and practical support to secure a successful change project. We can help you, for instance:
  •         Assess the issues for change and craft a compelling new future vision
  •         Design the overall approach and process for a change project
  •         Design and carry out surveys and consultations to provide objective feedback
  •         Provide coaching, training and support to change leaders and managers
  •         Facilitate meetings and workshops required in the process
  •         Devise suitable communication tactics and materials
  •         Design specific new policies or processes, in conjunction with your managers 

Improving performance and change management are not easy, but it’s easier with Owen Morris.  Call us today on 01886 881092