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Strategy & Planning


Expert support in strategic management
Owen Morris offers a wide and flexible range of strategic management services to help your organisation shape its future path of success.  
Research and review of your strategic position
Success comes from truly understanding an organisation’s external environment, on the one hand, and internal strengths and capabilities on the other and producing the best match.
Owen Morris can help you in carrying out both an external and internal review, bringing expertise in a range of research and information tools as well as a crucial, external perspective to produce a meaningful assessment. Our techniques range from consultation visits and facilitated workshops to qualitative research (e.g. focus groups), quantitative surveys, internet research, and desk research.
Vision, mission, values and strategy development
As a crucial basis for driving their organisation forward, we assist directors and senior management teams to develop strong and inspiring medium-term strategic frameworks.   Core elements usually include mission, vision, market/offer definition, organisational objectives, structure & operating model, key functional priorities/initiatives, cultural values, key management policies, a resourcing framework, and an overall risk profile.   Our range of creative, analytical and strategic tools will naturally complement and support your own executive team.
Strategic, business and operating plans
We can help you translate a strategic framework into more detailed strategies and plans. For example, strategic plans for specific products, services or markets;  plans for individual business units or divisions;  an overall annual operating plan for the organisation;  or plans for specific departments or major initiatives/projects. 
Implementation & performance tracking
In the drawing up and then implementation of plans it is usually important to consult, brief and communicate widely (e.g. employees, customers, partner organisations, funders) and to link individuals’ goals to the overall plan.   And, of course, for when plans are underway, it is vital to have in place sound mechanisms for reporting and monitoring actual performance. We can assist you on both fronts.
Flexible assistance across the whole strategy process
Our exact contribution across the strategy process varies a lot. For example, we can:
  •          Review current planning processes or design improved processes
  •          Organise and manage an overall planning cycle for a Board
  •          Facilitate strategic and planning workshops
  •          Coach, guide and assist individual managers in drawing up plans
  •          Write full strategic plans or comment on existing plans
Whatever your strategic thinking or planning requirements, you can count on Owen Morris to bring extra professional know-how, expertise and support that will complement your own team many times over.