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Dialogue & Facilitation


At Owen Morris we believe that encouraging conversations between people - sharing ideas, experiences and information together – is a vital source of creativity and fresh thinking to inspire smart strategic management.   Indeed, the greater diversity of views, usually the better quality of thinking and insight. Well-managed dialogue thus complements very much the analytical ‘hard’ side to strategy.
There are, of course, many, many ways in which people can come together. We can advise and assist you in selecting, planning and using the most appropriate consultation, discussion or group-working methods. In particular, we can provide the valuable role of external, independent facilitator and help ensure an effective and worthwhile meeting.
Types of consultation and group meeting and their uses
Common examples include focus-group, seminar, workshop, conference, round-table, summit, and forum. There are also, of course, various online methods like webinars and message-boards. Furthermore, there are ongoing, structural methods like user panels, advisory boards and committees. 
All have slightly different characteristics and benefits and vary in terms of dimensions like number of participants, formality, structure and length of time.  But what your meeting is called doesn’t really matter: it’s more important to think about and plan the right format and approach.
These types of occasion can serve many different types of purpose.   Common examples include seeking the views of stakeholders about an organisation’s performance; sharing news or an update with customers; getting reactions to a new product or proposal; solving a problem together;   reviewing a current project or planning a new project; exploring an issue in more depth; brainstorming creative ideas;  team-building; and evaluating particular options for a business plan. 
Expert design of facilitated meetings
A professionally-run group meeting needs careful preparation. Beyond obvious points like timing and location, key issues to consider include who exactly is to be involved, the precise objectives and desired outputs from the occasion, what range of topics and discussion structure should be used, what aids and techniques will be good to use, and how will the meeting be managed and points recorded or written-up.
Our expert facilitators can advise and assist you with all such planning matters. And, of course, we will bring our expertise on the day to run a highly productive and effective session. We will ensure, for example, that there is fair and balanced coverage of the required issues, that everyone has an equal opportunity to engage, and we will foster an atmosphere of enthusiasm, fun and creativity. Whilst keeping achievement of your objectives at the heart of the process.
So, if you want to achieve the most from dialogue and group meetings, contact Owen Morris today for an expert facilitating hand!