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Project / Interim director


Being open and connected to the external world is a must for every organisation. Owen Morris can certainly help you tap the external viewpoints you need, but we can also provide the external professional expertise you may sometimes need to boost your internal capabilities or resources. 
Of course, we can do this just for a specific project or short-term purpose. But, additionally we can provide more extended or regular executive-level support resource. In a way that you can avoid having to take on a permanent, expensive senior employee.
Our senior partner, Mike Owen, is our lead consultant to provide executive support in the following areas, with additional Owen Morris consultants available too. It’s freelance executive support for you to use in a fully flexible way - from a few days a month or periodically on specific projects. You only pay for the period of time agreed to.  
If you could use extended, senior-level marketing or business development expertise but you don’t want to recruit a full-time director, this is an ideal solution. For example:      
Your company employs a marketing executive who is good at day-to-day tactical marketing activities but they lack ideas or strategic skills e.g. plan a research survey
You have a good marketing manager but you wish they had better planning or ‘big picture’ thinking skills. You need ideally a senior marketer who can guide/coach/manage them.
Your company has a major development project or initiative that needs to be managed but there is simply no manager available with either the experience or time needed.
This is our service for mid-sized organisations who need an expert professional to advise on and manage their strategic and annual/business planning functions and be ‘on call’ to the Board every month e.g. sitting in on Board meetings or meet with the CEO – to assist with ongoing performance management and development issues e.g. review business trends, assess risks, shape strategy for a new product or market entry.
Interim Director service
If you’d prefer to have an executive supporting you in a more concentrated way involving a few working days every week for an extended period – or even 5 days a week – working alongside in the office with the rest of your executive team, we can organise this, subject to our availability.  Depending on the sector/skills expertise involved, we can even provide an interim CEO resource. 
Board non-executive
As another way of providing external support, you could talk to us about perhaps joining your company’s Board or management team as an independent non-exec. For example, our senior partner, Mike Owen, has lots of experience as both a non-exec and external trustee, as a member of the Board in sectors ranging from housing and social care to education, health and safety and landscape architecture.
So, for that vital expert support your company could use, call Owen Morris today on 01886 881092.